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Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo (CS-SSTE)

$ 1,169.10 $ 1,299.00

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We rarely have one that's not spoken for, so grab it while you can.These are always the latest version, with the new & improved playback head mount, Roller mount, roller, and tape cart! With Full factory Warranty! If this item shows "Sold Out" you can buy a "slight cosmetic blem" here

Power Requirements: All FulltoneTape Echoes can be easily & quickly modified internally for any country's wall voltage via the simple instructions in the manual.

 In the early 80's I worked in music stores teaching Guitar and selling & repairing gear. One day a guy came in with a 70's Echoplex EP-3 tape delay asking $30 for it!. The owner of the store said he didn't want it so I bought it and thus was born a life-long love affair with tape echo. I used that solid-state Echoplex all through the 80's and early 90's. Everyone else showed up for auditions with a refrigerator rack full of cold, thin sounding gear, and more often than not I'd steal the gig using a pair of Blackface Fenders, a Plexi Marshall Half stack, a couple of homemade pedals and that trusty early version EP-3.

Go here to purchase replacement tape cartridges for your SSTE.

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