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Full-Drive1 (FD1)

$ 299.00


Yes it's true, finally a Fulldrive with-OUT the boost channel!  Simple as it comes... with Volume, Tone, Drive, and toggle bringing back the Flat-Mids (FM), Vintage, and the infamous (for assaulting the front end of tube amps) Comp-Cut (CC) modes. Simple True-Bypass switching & 9-18 volt operation.
Soundwise? I'm talking about the exact (full midrange) Comp-Cut that was in the earliest FD2s, not the Flatter mids CC in later models. So even though the FD-1 will have the Flat-Mids mode, the Comp-Cut is the fuller-mids version identical to the "pre FM / pre-MOSFET" versions of the FD2. This tiny pedal is the size of our Mas-Malo, with top-mounted (also called rear mounted) jacks & power port, and a JRC4558 chip for your go-to overdrive sound. Come home.
size: 4.8" x 2.9" x 2.35"

Here's a Hi-Rez video/audio demo of the Fulltone FD-1 done by yours truly. -MF

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