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Octafuzz (OF-2) - Blem

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Gary Clarke Jr's secret Weapon! Users include Scott Henderson, Oz Noy, etc.

NOTE: This is a cosmetic (only) blem of the current model Octafuzz and comes with a full Warranty! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound or performance of this pedal, yet it may have a slight blemish that keeps us from being able to ship it to a dealer. If this item shows as "SOLD OUT, please buy a Non-Blem version here.

Octafuzz... the only exact circuit copy of the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia. Cool Octave-Up sounds a la Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" and SRV's many live shows! Housed in a 14ga. steel enclosure with a beautiful ranar-blue gloss powdercoat finish and antique-white logo, this pedal is the reincarnation of the Tycobrahe.

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