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Fulltone IPS-18 Worldwide Regulated 18VDC Power Supply

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*This is a replacement for the old Fulltone FPS-3 18 volt power supply, the difference being this can be used anywhere in the world plugged into wall power from 100-240 volts. It uses the Standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug end.

The 500ma/18VDC regulated Fulltone IPS-18 is the first Noise-Free "switching" power supply for pedals! You can toss your OneSpot, Godlyke, Trex, Joyo, etc.because they not only hum, but they hiss, and they emit strange synth-like notes with certain pedals.The IPS-18 can be used in any country, at any voltage from 100-240VAC. 

These adapters have the USA-type NEMA 1-15P 2 pin configuration. (see photo below)  You may need a $3-$5 pin-adapter your particular country. For example this one here.

ALL other switching type adapters hum! Believe me, engineering one that doesn't was a huge undertaking and headache, but I did it.

Many switching type also make a droning synth-like noise due to the use of a cheap, poorly designed regulator. I designed the Fulltone IPS-18 to be Noise-Free, and gave it plenty of available current; 500ma.

NOTE: The IPS-18 is a MUST-HAVE for all owners of all 18 volt versions of Deja'Vibes because of the higher current offered compared to our FPS-3. This translates into twice as big of a vibe sound… you won’t believe the difference.


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