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Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe 3 (CS-MDV-3 V2)

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All Fulltone MDVs come with a FREE 18 volt DC "worldwide" IPS-18 power supply! Items generally ship within 1-7 days. We offer “3 day tryout," you may return the item for a full refund minus all shipping costs (restrictions apply)

All units ship with a free Fulltone IPS-18 18VDC / 500ma. Noise-Free Switching adapter. This adapter works anywhere in the world and is the only Noise-Free "switching type adapter" made.

MDV-3 V2

1) available up to 15dB volume boost when pedal is on
2) much slower speeds available thanks to the dual potentiometer being replaced by a single geared pot controlling 2 x Fulltone Custom-made Optocouplers.
3) even more lush and watery 'vibe sound.

Real Estate is precious, especially on your pedalboard, but the lush organic sounds of a perfect "authentic vintage Univibe clone" are a necessity, and they are now attainable in a space now smaller than a standard wah wah pedal... the Mini-Deja'Vibe3, MDV-3 for short. With a Hammertone Blue powder coated finish, White lettering, and a Blue LED that throbs to the beat of the pedal's hypnotic, asymmetrical rhythm. The MDV-3 has a new heel or toe activated True-Bypass footswitch that is perfect for the person who rarely changes speeds and just wants to turn it on or off with his toe, but also perfect for the person who rides it like a Gas-pedal and wants to turn the pedal on/off with a simple flick of the heel (see the MDV-3 video at youtube.com/fulltoneeffects)

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