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Full-Drive2 Mosfet (FD2-MOS) - Cosmetic Blem

Full-Drive2 Mosfet (FD2-MOS) - Cosmetic Blem

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NOTE: This is a factory blem of the current model FD2 and comes with a full Warranty!. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound or performance of this pedal, yet it may have a slight blemish that keeps us from being able to ship it to a dealer. If this item shows as "SOLD OUT, please buy a Non-Blem version here.

Housed in a beautiful powder coated Blue 16ga. steel enclosure, the dual-channel Full-Drive 2 Mosfet gives you the best of both worlds. The first channel is the Overdrive Mode, capable of clean boost or non-compressed overdrive or choose light to medium softer overdrives all while retaining your guitar's original tone. The Tone knob is a very effective presence control that can smooth out or add upper harmonics. The second channel is the "Boost Mode" with its own separate distortion control for medium to higher gains with a more singing violin-like sustain!

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