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Fulltone 3PDT Footswitch (F3PDT)

Fulltone 3PDT Footswitch (F3PDT)

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FULLTONE 3PDT Footswitch

15 years ago I designed and started manufacturing the best 3PDT switch money can buy. I did it because the available 3PDTs sucked... badly.

Both the Blue ones, and the Black ones.

The rest of the world has copied the look of my 3PDT, but they have not copied the construction or quality!

  1. All others use a plastic body... plastic and a hot soldering iron don't mix. Apply some heat while soldering wires and the terminals come loose resulting in either immediate or eventual FAILURE.

    Mine are Bakelite, they withstand the soldering heat!

  2. Other switches use a plastic internal plunger! Plastic flexes, especially if there is a 200-lb person with army boots on top of it. The plunger collapses and pops right out of its socket.

    Buh bye switch. My plunger is made out of metal, it doesn't fail.

Before I started making my own I used the very same as everyone else, and spent many hours a day replacing failed footswitches. Now I'm free and life is good.

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